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Miniature Alcohol Bottles 5cl Drinks: Ideal for Wedding Favours!

Welcome to Just A Glass, the online shop for alcohol miniatures, where you can buy miniature alcohol bottles from a great range of alcoholic miniatures, small, 5cl, mini-bar size drinks, spirits and liqueurs, for sale at low UK prices; including personalised whisky miniatures and all the best brands of mini liquor: brandy, gin, port, rum, vodka, and Scotch whisky. Ideal for wedding favours or party gifts! We're happy to deliver anywhere within the UK mainland with free delivery on orders over £100.00!


Bulk buy miniature alcoholic drinks, liqueurs and spirits, in small, 5cl / 50ml, wedding favour size bottles, for sale in multi-packs with massive reductions off UK shop prices. We offer a selection of mini whisky, brandy, gin, port, rum, vodka and other alcohol miniatures. All great ideas for wedding favors or corporate party events! more


Just A Glass also offers personalised labels for alcoholic miniatures, Scotch whisky or vodka, with your own label design; a unique idea for personalised wedding favours or party gifts! Choose from 30 label templates, which we can customise to suit any special occasion. Prices start from as little as £3.25 per bottle. more


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